Blockbuster Life Masterclass

Welcome to the Blockbuster Life Master Class, this program will walk you simply through the planning and success process. I’ve put everything necessary in this program from A-Z so that you can create the master plan for your life.


About Your Teacher

Gary Varnell has 35 years of Corporate Business experience and business ownership experience. He has experience and success at all levels in business, sales, sales management, sales training, public speaking, and ran a company as a Chief Operating Officer. Gary has been a speaker and trainer since 1989 and shared the stage with professional athletes, best-selling authors and top business executives. He has spoken to small and large groups and is very passionate about delivering information, concepts and action steps to help individuals, sales teams, entrepreneurial groups, and companies go to a higher level of success. Gary speaks on success principles, leadership, sales, goal setting and planning. The information Gary delivers is designed to change the thinking or mind set of the people that listen. It also inspires them take immediate action on that change.

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Here’s What We’ll Cover

With this program you have a step by step, easy to follow program to crystalize your vision and goals then turn it into a plan. This plan will be the frame work for creating your ultimate success and the life you deserve. The lessons you go through, will not only give you the theory, but there are exercises to implement and take action on your plan. You will develop the mindset, plan and action activities necessary to create the success and life you desire. I can’t wait for you to get started!

Vision & Goals

In Module 1, To get started, you’re going to clarify your vision and define your goals.

Here are a few of the topics you will discover in this module:

  • Lesson 1: Vision & Clarity:   Learn how to create a vision of your ultimate life.

  • Lesson 2: Goal Defining: By the end of this process you will have your five year goals, one year goals and your sixth month goal.
  • Lesson 3: Creating Your Commercial for Success By creating, then reading this commercial daily you will have a mindset shift that will allow you to create the plan necessary and accomplish the life you desire.

Mindset for Success

In Module 2, we are going to dive into how highly successful people think differently.  The lessons in this module are designed to re-wire your mindset and help you create the mindset you need for success.

Take a look at what you will get in Module 2!

  • Lesson 1: Belief  Your successful mindset starts here.
  • Lesson 2: Coach-ability/Humility Success cannot be achieved alone, it will take the wisdom of others. Humility gives you an open mind to listen to the wisdom of others.  Learn the art of becoming a person that others love to support and teach.
  • Lesson 3: Gratitude & Positive Attitude The purpose of this lesson is to help change your perspective toward your life. By creating a grateful spirit you will have a more positive outlook on life which will in turn attract huge results in your success.
  • Lesson 4: Choices & Responsibility The goal of this lesson is to help you take responsibility for where you are and the choices you’ve made. It will be impossible to move forward and create the life and success you desire until this happens.
  • Lesson 5: Integrity  Integrity, is the foundation of your moral compass and your character. Integrity, is the corner stone of who you are. Integrity will build relationships, loyalty and the right affiliation.  In this lesson discover exactly where you are with your integrity, the answers and insight may surprise you!

Foundation For Success

In Module 3,  it is time to create your written plan for success. A plan gives you the frame work to reach your goals. It is difficult to get anywhere in life without a road map (GPS) to get there. Your plan is your road map to success. In this module you will learn the importance of a plan and you will actually write a plan to create your road map to success.

Master The Mundane

In Module 4 you will learn how to become a "Jedi Master" of the mundane.  The fundamentals of any profession are the mundane everyday activities that need to be done to create success. 

  • Lesson 1: Discipline to Create Successful Habits In this lesson you learn the value of discipline and successful habits.

  • Lesson 2: Daily “Must” System  In this lesson I will walk you step by step through a daily "must" system designed to take your life and business/career to the next level.

Commitment & Excellence

Module 5 is designed to get you on the right track, to remain committed to your vision and goals.  To remain committed you need to find the real reason you’re doing what you are doing.  The deeper reason under just to make money, your “Why.” Your why is what drives you to stay the course.  This module will dig deep into finding that "Why" for you and show you why living a life of excellence will lead the way to your success.

Personal Growth & Accountability

Module 6 dives into personal growth and accountability which are two huge keys to success.  It’s difficult to create and maintain a level of success that you haven’t grown into as a person.  So personal growth is a must for massive success.  Accountability, is what keeps you moving forward in the right direction toward your goals and vision.  The lessons in this module will set you up for continued success as you take the valuable lessons you learn through out the course and apply them to your life.

Start Blockbuster Life Masterclass Today

I am so confident that you are going to love the Blockbuster Life Masterclass that I am giving you 30 days, risk-free! That’s right, you can use this training for 30 days and if doesn’t exceed your expectations for any reason, simply email me and I will send you a full refund.


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